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If you are planning to send letters to your friends and family, you may want to create your own stationery. Your loved ones will surely appreciate getting letters on custom-made stationery that you yourself has made. Your stationery adds further value to your letters. Design elements, such as brushes, patterns, and images, make your stationery prints more visually appealing. What more if the design elements you use are chosen specifically for your receivers.

There are a lot of uses for stationery. You also use stationery in writing notes at home or in the office. You can also make use of these in writing notices to colleagues or employees.  If you wish, you can make stationery as give-aways during informal events or small parties. Friends and family will surely enjoy getting these as gifts because of the item's functionality. Do you want to start working in stationery printing? You may want to know about the basic guidelines in stationery printing.

-  Make sure that you have paper stock and ink type on stock. You may have these materials at home. If not, purchase the materials you need in your neighbourhood book store. You should know that every material you use can have different effects. For example, paper stocks that have a matte or glossy appear differently.  Ink types, too, may have a variety of effects. There are metallic inks that give additional sheen to your prints. There are also those that look embossed.
-  Choose a publications software you are going to use in making a design template. Publications software range from Microsoft Publisher, which is perfect for design beginners, to Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, among other similar applications. These can allow you to have maximum aesthetic control. You can take advantage of design elements that can only be made available in Adobe applications.
-  Make use of full color in stationery printing. Monochrome may just be boring, so add a splash of color. Choose color combinations that work well with your design template. You do not have to make your stationery bright and bold. You can use colors as accents.
-  If you plan to use images, make sure that they are of high resolution. Always remember that low resolution images may make the appearance of your stationery pixelated. Images can be used as patterns or as a background.
-  Once you have completed your design template, you may want to check for errors. You can do this by printing a sample. Assess the quality of color, images, design, and other elements.

Aside from doing stationery printing on your own, you can opt for other design and printing options if you wish to have professional results. One of these options is hiring a professional graphic designer. If you know one, provide your creative inputs. You may also want to brainstorm with your friends and family members as to how your stationery printing would be.

Another option you can have is get the services of design and printing companies. These can be found over the internet, so you do not have to break a sweat. Make a search for reputable companies that offer stationery printing services. Based from the options you found through online research, make a shortlist. Assess what these stationery printing services have to offer based on a set of criteria, such as price, prints, and additional services.

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Stationery Printing Made Easy

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This article was published on 2011/01/11